Sebago's Simmer Down is a top summer session beer.

Simmer Down

Seasonal Summer Beer
American Pale Ale
4.9% ABV
Sebago Brewing Company
Gorham, Maine

Brewers Description of this Summer Session Beer:

“Designed for your summer activities or relaxing your day away. Floral notes of citrus and passion fruit with a clean and crisp finish. Summer in Maine is in session.”

Seasonal summer session beer Simmer Down is a good selection.

Our Review:

The alluring dark copper tan of Simmer Down session beer supports a strapping head with an aromatic bouquet of hops and grapefruit rind. The dry medium body has a steady hops induced tartness from front to back. Toasted malts join midway which give Simmer Down it’s lasting identity.

Grab a lobster roll and a Simmer Down for the perfect combination this summer.