Shipyard Summer Seasonal Ale is a great summer beer from Maine.

Summer Ale

Summer Seasonal Ale
American Pale Wheat Ale
4.8% ABV
Shipyard Brewing Company
Portland, Maine

Brewers Description of this Summer Seasonal Ale:

“A traditional American wheat beer. With its inviting golden color, mellow malted wheat flavor and less hoppy characteristics, it’s sure to please those looking for a clean, cool taste sensation on long, hot summer days.”

Shipyard Summer Seasonal Ale is a favorite beer for many.

Our Review:

The label of Shipyard’s Summer Ale featuring a lobster with an anchor tattoo sitting  in an adirondack chair on the beach drinking a beer is fantastic. The bottle pours a clear amber colored summer seasonal ale. The aroma is mild hoppy scent which results in a very small component of the whole experience. Summer Ale is tart, bordering on bitter, but does not initially cross the line. Summer Ale is full, clean, and refreshing to the pallet. The tartness transfers to the back of the mouth and rests there momentarily. A little bitterness does reside in the mouth after the swallow.

Summer Ale would be perfection at a seaside restaurant enjoying a lobster roll, but it is pretty darn good anywhere else too.