Madtree Shade is a pink beer for summer.

Madtree Shade

Seasonal Summer Beer
Gose Beer
4.6% ABV
Madtree Brewing Co.
Cincinnati, Ohio

Brewers Description of this Pink Beer:

“If a shortcut through the woods beats the heat, why not take it? Though non-traditional, Shade’s blackberries and sea salt quench thirst amidst any sunny day. Whatever the summer holds, feel free to kick back and relax, the ‘Tree has you covered.”

Pink beer Shade from Madtree is refreshing for summer.

Our Review:

Pink is the color most associated with politeness, sensitivity, and femininity. However, in the modern age it no longer carries the ‘sissy’ stigma it once did. Madtree’s Shade is an audaciously pink beer. It’s adorned with a sweet berry perfume that steals the spotlight. The body of this vibrant pink beer is light and easily consumed. Mild berries casually entertain the palate. The beer gradually becomes more tart, but not to an overwhelming level.

Shade drinks like a summertime rosé wine, and will appeal to many seasonal beer drinkers. Pull up a chair and sit in the Shade.