Enjoy easy drinking Session Wheat summer hefeweizen.

Session Wheat

Year Round Beer
5.4% ABV
Full Sail Brewing Co.
Hood River, Oregon

Full Sail’s Description of this Summer Hefeweizen:

“Given Session’s immense appeal, we’ve expanded our year-round lineup to include Session Wheat, a premium American-style Hefeweizen. It’s medium-bodied featuring aromas of malted wheat with a citrusy hop finish. As with all great Hefeweizens, going back to their German roots, just enough residual yeast remains to give it a hazy golden pour.”

Enjoy Full Sail Session summer hefeweizen this season.

Our Review:

Full Sail Session Wheat summer Hefeweizen pours a dazzling gilded libation from it’s stubby frame. The scant head traces the outer boundary while a rather enticing bready tangerine nose rises from the peak. A lively tasting tingles the lips and awakens the senses. A subtle nectar sweetness pairs with clove, lemongrass, wheat, and mild spices to forge a most gratifying experience. This light-bodied hefeweizen is divine on a hot muggy summer day.

A counter-balance tart is the clenching incentive to take another sip. Soak up the sun with a Full Sail Session Wheat in hand this season.