Samuel Adams Summer Ale from Boston Brewing Company is a perfect seasonal craft beer.

Samuel Adams Summer Ale

Seasonal Summer Beer
American Pale Wheat Ale
5.3% ABV
Boston Beer Company
Boston, Massachusetts

Brewers Description of Samuel Adams Summer Ale:

“Bright and citrusy, brewed with Grains of Paradise. Samuel Adams® Summer Ale is an American wheat ale. This summer seasonal uses malted wheat, lemon peel and Grains of Paradise, a rare pepper from Africa first used as a brewing spice in the 13th century, to create a crisp taste, spicy flavor and medium body. The ale fermentation imparts a background tropical fruit note reminiscent of mangos and peaches.  All of these flavors come together to create a thirst quenching, clean finishing beer perfect for those warm summer days.”

Enjoy Sam Adams summer seasonal beer on a hot day.

Our Review:

The cloudy golden color of Samuel Adams Summer Ale gave rise to a light citrus aroma. The modest carbonation resulted in a wonderful mouthfeel. A subtle sweetness works in chorus with an mature tartness and malty undertone for a very enjoyable experience. Samuel Adams Summer Ale is a refreshing complete summer beer with lots of flavor, but not too powerful.

Offer this summer beer to guests for a predicted pleasant reaction.