Hinterland summer Wisconson Beer beer for relaxing.

Hinterland Saison

Seasonal Summer Beer
Farmhouse Ale
6.3% ABV
Green Bay Brewing Co.
Green Bay, Wisconson

Brewers Description of this Summer Wisconson Beer:

“Saison has a golden hue with an ample two finger head. A lemon-citrus aroma fills the nose. Brewed with Belgian specialty malts and a multitude of spices. Starts with a crisp citrus flavor and leaves a spicy pepper finish.”

Hinterland Saison is the perfect picnic summer Wisconsin beer.

Our Review:

Pouring a Hinterland Saison on a summer day emits an alluring deep cloudy orange color with an orange grassy aroma. Tasting revealed yeasty tone with a sharp semi-tart spicy ginger, orange, and coriander. As the beer unfolds a medium sweetness appears in the middle with a pinch of pepper toward the back.

Hinterland Saison is unique but seems to spicy for a true reprieve from the hot summer sun. The bold flavors should be quite nice with a summertime barbecue.