Take a Road Trip beer for when you arrive this summer.

Road Trip

Seasonal Summer Beer
5.2% ABV
SweetWater Brewing Co.
Atlanta, Georgia

Brewers Description of Road Trip Beer:

“Bikini Season – a fiery Pilsner fermented at ale temperatures for a fuller flavor, capped by and intense spicy-hop finish. Nobody Rides for Free

Summer Road Trip beer is a great craft seasonal ale.

Our Review:

Summer is a great time to travel and try new seasonal beers. SweetWater’s Road Trip should be on that list with a sparkling golden complexion and fleeting head. A grainy aura is coupled with an invigorating lemon scent. Road Trip is rich with hops that provide a moderate tartness from beginning to end. The beer does not diverge from a pretty level course, but on a road trip it is good not to get too far off the path. There is a little malty presence on the back half.

Road Trip is very enjoyable and is does not include kids around yelling, “When are we going to get there?” every 5 minutes. When you do reach your travel destination this summer, pop open a Road Trip.