Highland's Razor Wit is a great summer seasonal witbier.

Razor Wit (retired)

Seasonal Summer Beer
4.5% ABV
Highland Brewing Co.
Asheville, North Carolina

Brewers Description of this Seasonal Witbier:

“This Belgian-style Wit, or “white” ale, is an unfiltered wheat beer brewed with traditional ingredients and a Highland twist. Wits are conventionally brewed with noble hops, pale malt, unmalted wheat, orange peel, and coriander. We have made this beer our own by adding other unique spices to create complex aromatics, a refreshing taste, and a crisp finish. Light in color with a smooth body, Razor Wit is perfect for hot summer days and sultry summer nights.”

Razor Wit summer seasonal witbier is refreshing for the hot season.

Our Review:

Razor Wit seasonal witbier has a blushing cloudy pale complexion. The aroma stakes a stronger personality, defined with notes of orange and clove. A tenacious orange peel is echoed in tasting Razor Wit, enhanced with an earthy wheat, pepper, and coriander which emerge toward the middle and back. A light well carbonated body prevents the spices from overpowering the refreshing qualities of Razor Wit.

Relax and experience the stories Razor Wit has to tell this summer.