Ninkasi Radiant Summer Oregon Beer is a great refresher.

Radiant Ale (retired)

Seasonal Summer Beer
American Pale Ale
6.0% ABV
Ninkasi Brewing Co
Eugene, Oregon

Brewers Description of this Summer Oregon Beer:

“Crisp and flavorful, Radiant Ale is a clean finishing summer offering in the Ninkasi tradition. The smooth malt character is balanced by an elegant hop bitterness, the perfect complement to a glorious summer day.

A touch of caramel malt is used to sweeten up this beer in addition to some vienna malt for balance. The multiple hop varieties are grassy and earthy in tone and differentiates Radiant from most of the citrus forward NW Pale Ales!”

Radiant Summer Ale is a tasty new summer Oregon beer.

Our Review:

Ninkasi’s Radient Ale has a dark amber complexion with an abruptly vanishing head. A light bready aroma hovers over the surface. After an initial malty pull, the moderately hoppy tartness prevails. Radient Ale is a little creamy toward the back with a earthy finish.

Radient Ale summer Oregon beer has the character to pair well with multiple seasonal foods or to consume as a end-of-day refresher.