Apricot Ale from Pyramid is a uniquely refreshing summer fruity beer.

Apricot Ale

Year Round Beer
Fruit Beer
5.1% ABV
Pyramid Breweries
Seattle, Washington

Brewers Description of this Summer Fruity Beer:

“Our flavorful Apricot Ale boldly combines the taste and aroma of fresh apricot with the smooth finish of wheat malt. Its refreshingly unfiltered character and fruit flavor make it an ale worth savoring.”

Enjoy Pyramid's Apricot Fruit Wheat Ale outside with nature.

Our Review:

The pour of Apricot Ale reveals the cloudy distinction of an unfiltered wheat beer. The medium strength aroma produces scents of apricot and malt. A strong apricot flavor levels off quickly. There is a sweetness that gets sweeter toward the end of each drink. The summer fruity beer is overwhelmingly apricot, leaving the beer a little flat.

Apricot Ale is a fun beer that can be enjoyed all summer long.