Prestige caribbean beer is refreshing on a hot afternoon in Haiti.


Year Round Beer
Pale Lager
5.6% ABV
Brasserie Nationale d’Haiti
Port au Prince, Haiti

Brewers Description of this Haiti Beer:

“Launched in 1976, Prestige is the undisputed #1 on the Haitian market. It is one of the most important and dominant brands in Haiti. It is locally brewed and consumed, but also exported and enjoyed by consumers internationally. In the eyes of our consumers, Prestige is the quality beer brand. It is a symbol of Haiti. For them, Prestige is an item of national pride, an icon, a cultural symbol; it is a brand that is trustworthy, stable and reliable, seen as never letting you down. The Prestige beer has captivated the international market as well, winning the gold medal in the category American Style Lager Beer, at the world most prestigious beer contest (World Beer Cup) in 2000 than in 2012. Prestige as a Haitian product, winning such a prestigious international award continues give self-confidence and pride to the whole nation.”

Prestige Lager Haiti beer is the best Caribbean beer on the island.

Our Review:

Prestige Lager is the national beer of Haiti. It offers great relief from the scorching heat of the Haiti sun. The beer has a somewhat salty taste but is still light in character. Prestige represents the country well and could become your favorite Caribbean beer. Enjoy Haiti beer.