Piton St. Lucia beer can be found on the Caribbean islands.


Year Round Caribbean Beer
American Adjunct Lager
5% ABV
Windward & Leeward
St. Lucia

Brewers Description of this St. Lucia Beer:

“Piton Beer is the refreshing mountain brew that satisfies and stimulates the passion for friendship. The beer was first brewed on October 7, 1992 and is positioned as a mainstream beer targeting young adults in the 18 – 30 yr. age group. The brand is proudly St. Lucian and in a very short space of time has come to embody a source of pride in our local heritage.

Piton is the St. Lucia beer on the Caribbean beaches.

Our Review:

Piton is one of the best Caribbean beers available. It is much cleaner than some others. It is a fuller lager with good appeal, unlike others that seem a little watered down. You will enjoy this St. Lucia beer.