Nitro Orange Cream Ale tastes like creamsicle beer.

Nitro Orange Cream Ale

Seasonal Summer Creamsicle Beer
Cream Ale
5.5% ABV
Breckenridge Brewery
Breckenridge, Colorado

Brewers Description of this Creamsicle Beer:

“Nitro Orange Cream Ale gives a refreshing summer twist to a historic American beer style. Its orange flavor and citrus aroma come from the winning combination of orange zest added during fermentation, and the dry hop addition of Mandarina Bavaria hops. Carefully balanced hops and malts create an easy-drinking, medium-bodied beer. Nitrogen accentuates the already smooth character of this thirst-quenching Nitro Series summer seasonal.”

Nitro orange cream ale is a summer creamsicle beer.

Our Review:

Beckenridge Brewery’s Nitro series uses nitrogen gas to create a smoother mouthfeel. Their Orange Cream Ale is crafted to pay tribute to a legendary summertime treat, which is accomplished. It does produce a nice orange scent for the nose, resembling a Florida grove. The familiar standard carbonation is exchanged in favor of a¬†silky smooth encounter. This may momentarily trick the senses into falsely perceiving a flat beer. This creamsicle beer is in full bravado with a rich combination of cream and orange.

This beer is capable of capturing your inner child (not sold from ice cream trucks).