I just discovered a wonderful new beer fridge! It is no run-of-the-mill dorm room mini-fridge or converted giveaway from your mother-in-law. This refrigerator has been specifically designed and fabricated for beer! I’m talking about the NewAir “Beers of the World” fridge, which holds up to 126 cans if you like. Move the shelves around to accommodate bottles, mega cans, or even growlers. You will no longer have issue with taking too much room in, or relegated to a tiny corner of, the family kitchen fridge.

NewAir Beers of the World Fridge

The best quality of this great appliance is the glass front. I can finally stock a variety of beers and make a choice with the door closed. I don’t have to stare into the depths of a dark abyss wit an open door to find a suitable summer beer, like searching for a jar of mini-mayonnaise. This window is the perfect solution to saving energy and rotation planning.

Speaking of darkness, the convenient light at the top impressively illuminates the selection, making every can visible. In a darker room, it serves as a stylish mood setter or night-light. Guests instantly start to drool at first glimpse.

The NewAir fridge is perfectly sized, but has lots of room. I can’t imagine packing this thing completely full. My fridge is housed in the basement, where we watch lots of sports. It requires very little space and it is noticeably quiet. If you are a real connoisseur, dial in the perfect drinking temperature with the adjustable thermostat.

NewAir Beers of the World fridge stocked with Bells Oberon.

The one feature I would like to add is a door lock to prevent younger family, guests and occasionally friends from gaining access. Otherwise, this was a welcomed addition to my home.

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