Montejo cerveza is a Mexican beer that is great for summer.


Year Round Beer
Mexican Lager
4.5% ABV
Grupo Modelo

Brewers Description of this Mexican Beer:

Montejo, the brand that originated in the city of Merida, in the Yucatán peninsula, is a pilsner characterized by its smooth flavor and excellent aroma.

It is a regional brand, whose tradition began in southeastern Mexico when it was launched in 1960 as an anniversary brand for Cervecería Yucateca.

Mexico's Montejo beer is a refreshing lager.

Our Review:

Drinking Montejo on a Mexican Riviera beach is an incredible experience. However, that beautiful moment might be 95% environment and 5% beer. Montejo is crafted from the same mold as many others from the same region, including Corona. This adjunct lager doesn’t provide any magic. It is just a nice beer with a watery front and creamy back with a corn aftertaste. For a hot sunny vacation days on the sand, Montejo does the job. Or, grab a Montejo for a more unique Mexican beer on Cinco de Mayo.