New Holland Monkey King is a refreshing summer Michigan beer.

Monkey King

Year Round Beer
Farmhouse Ale / Saison
5.6% ABV
New Holland Brewing
Holland, Michigan

Brewers Description of this Michigan Beer:

“Monkey King and his band of winged monkeys carried Dorthy’s group to Glinda’s South Country, where they discovered their paths home. A soft, medium body saison with subtle pepper character and fruity undertones.”

Monkey King summer Michigan beer is from New Holland Brewing.

Our Review:

Hidden beneath a hearty head amid fragrances of tangerine and chocolate lays a frosty gold lagoon. Despite a muted start, Monkey King is defined by the beautifully woven orange, pepper, and coriander on the back half.

Monkey King may not be the most crisp summer beer, but it is definitely refreshing. Savor this Michigan beer sailing out the downward leg of the Wednesday night regatta.