Merry Monks' Belgian summer tripel beer is very good.

Merry Monks’

Year Round Beer
Belgian Tripel
9.3% ABV
Weyerbacher Brewing Co.
Easton, Pennsylvania

Brewers Description of this Summer Belgian Tripel:

“When you try this beer you’re in for a unique treat. The special effervescence and creaminess are immediately apparent when pouring. The pilsner malts combined with the Belgian yeast strains yield a remarkable and complex flavor- perhaps you’ll note subtle hints of banana. The flavor is nicely balanced and the finish moderate to dry, begging for the next sip.”

Enjoy Weyerbacher Merry Monks Summer Belgian Tripel.

Our Review:

After pouring, Weyerbacher’s Merry Monks’ exposes a burnt orange facade and restless head. The hearty aroma consists of multiple harmonious scents, including citrus, banana, bubble gum, pepper, apple, and various spices. A smooth sweet pull introduces many of the same flavors to the palate as the nose detected. As each sip develops the flavors expand leading to a back that is a little tart with a touch of alcohol.

Merry Monks’ Summer Belgian Tripel is a spiced medium bodied beer which is not ideal for the hot daytime. However, as evening approaches, present this beer as a delicacy. It is fun to drink.

Merry Monks’ Belgian Style Golden Ale is available in standard 12 oz bottles or 25 oz cork-and-cage champagne bottles.