Melt My Brain

Seasonal Summer Experimental Beer
Gin-and-Tonic Inspired Golden Ale
3.9% ABV
Shorts Brewing Co.
Elk Rapids, Michigan

Brewers Description of this Summer Experimental Beer:

“Melt My Brain is an experimental Golden Ale brewed with coriander, juniper berries, limes and blended with tonic water to create the tasting experience of drinking a gin and tonic cocktail. Delicate aromas of citrus and pine flow into bold bright flavors of sweet lime with a slightly sticky bitterness. Refreshing and clean, a tasty tonic effervescence provokes the palate for more. Melt My Brain was awarded a silver medal in the Experimental Beer category at the 2015 Great American Beer Festival.”

Melt My Brain experimental summer beer.

Our Review:

Melt My Brain is a wonderfully light, sweet, refreshing ale. It’s structure is much like that of a grapefruit. A sugary introduction unlocks a broad spectrum of flavors consisting of lime and ginger with a tart finish. The hazy liquid produces extraordinary scents that mirror the taste.

This experimental beer is comparable to a fruity radler. Melt My Brain is extremely delicious and rejuvenating on a sweltering afternoon.