Newburyport Brewing Co Melt Away summer Session IPA is an India Pale Ale.

Melt Away Session IPA

Year Round Beer
Summer Session IPA
4.6% ABV
Newburyport Brewing Co.
Newburyport, Massachusetts

Brewers Description of this Summer Session IPA:

“A refreshing session IPA shining with Citra and Amarillo hops uniquely balanced by malt sweetness for a crisp, easy finish. A tasty way to kick back and melt away.”

Melt Away Summer Session IPA from Newburyport Brewing.

Our Review:

Graced by a frothy white plain, the surface of Melt Away Summer Session IPA  emits an earthy aroma intertwined with citrus and hops. A sweet start suddenly morphs with the introduction of hearty pine and punchy spice. The beer has a light refreshing body which concludes with a slight after-taste, not unlike a Saltine cracker.

This summer beer is vibrant and bold. Your day will improve by opening this summer session IPA