I’ve ruined countless shirts doing simple everyday summer chores around the house. Changing lawnmower oil, building a deck, installing exterior shutters, and cleaning the gutters can permanently relegate a perfectly good t-shirt to rag status. The solution: a manly apron without colorful flower prints or frilly lace adorning the edges. A real masculine shield constructed from leather and canvas will protect from all that may tarnish your summertime duds.

Manly apron has lots of pockets.

Grilling is perhaps the most dangerous task of all. Right from work and directly to the fire, you are susceptible to juices, oils, sauces, and flame. Adorn this monotone manly apron from Groovy Guy Gifts and you will not be stuck bathing your best polo in club soda well into the night.

The large front pockets are ideal for tools and task supplies. Use the top vertical compartment for a pencil or a meat thermometer. The large lower pouches great for screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, flashlights, gloves, or countless other tools, utensils. and weapons.

Summer manly apron grilling.

Actually, it may not be long at all until men everywhere wear manly aprons full time.

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