Enjoy summer with Major Tom's American Wheat beer.

Major Tom’s American Wheat

Year Round Beer
Beer Style
5.1% ABV
The Fort Collins Brewery
Fort Collins, Colorado

Brewers Description of this American Wheat Beer:

“Our take on an American Classic is the refreshingly crisp Major Tom’s American Wheat. This unique creation is infused with real pomegranates & filtered to a bright finish. The result is a striking straw blonde color and sweet-tart finish.

Toms summer American wheat beer is a wonderful refresher.

Our Review:

Major Tom’s American Wheat shines bright with a golden hue paired with a delicate fresh floral nose with hints of fruit. Each sip emerges slightly sharp with a distinct wheat base. A semi-sweet fruitness appears toward the heart, which is not necessarily identifiable as pomegranate, but good. A very enjoyable experience is capped with a crisp clean finish.

Major Tom’s is crafted perfectly for a warm summer evening under the stars connecting constellation