Lazy Mutt Summer Farmhouse Ale is one of the best seasonal beers.

Lazy Mutt Farmhouse Ale

Year Round Beer
Summer Farmhouse Ale
5.0% ABV
Minhas Craft Brewery
Monroe, Wisconsin

Brewers Description of this Summer Farmhouse Ale:

“Lazy Mutt Farmhouse Ale is an unfiltered light bodied wheat ale, a style traditionally made by farmers for their field hands.  It is made in small batches using pure 2-row barley, wheat malt, premium hops from the Pacific NW, deep well water and our proprietary Ale yeast.  Once fermented to peak the yeast is only partially separated off, and the beer is not filtered.  It is then bottled and pasteurized to stop the fermentation.

 Be lazy this summer with a perfect summer farmhouse ale seasonal beer.

Our Review:

Lazy Mutt has an opaque light orange appearance with minimal lather conjuring scents resembling apricot and oddly a touch of tomato. Tasting commences with a nice level sweet malt base which holds steady throughout. This light bodied beer does open up toward the back releasing flavors of wheat, apricot, and honey.

Pack-up an 8-pack (yes, the beer is sold in 8-packs) of Lazy Mutt summer farmhouse ale for your next summer concert tailgate.