Southampton's Keller Pils is a seasonal summer New York beer.

Keller Pils

Seasonal Summer Beer
5.0% ABV
Southampton Publick House
Southampton, New York

Brewers Description of this New York Beer:

“Our annual homage to the Old World “keller” brew – thought by some to be beer at its purest, unfiltered, nuanced and gently carbonated.

Southampton Keller Pils has a fresh hop aroma and bracing bitterness balanced by a clean malt profile. A dusting of yeast & traditional lagering creates a crisp flavor profile.”

Summer requires Southampton Keller Pils New York beer.

Our Review:

Keller Pils exhibits a hazy straw color with sediment particles traveling throughout. The strong resilient head producing scents resembling peach and tangerine. Tasting has a tart beginning with a lemon peel essence that carries all the way to the end. Malt and wheat can be detected toward the back creating a bready muted finish.

Southampton’s New York beer seasonal Keller Pils is refreshing and a welcomed treat on a summers day. You will not regret opening this refresher to complement an afternoon in the pool.