Trader Joe's Summer Beer is a good seasonal brew.

Summer Brew

Seasonal Summer Beer
4.8% ABV
Josephs Brau Brewing Co.
San Jose, California

Brewers Description of Trader Joe’s Summer Beer:

“This unique brew is made in the Kolsch style, which means using Ale yeast, but fermenting at Lager temperatures. Bright straw yellow in color with a flowery, hoppy aroma and flavor. This is clean and refreshing and the perfect beer for the hot weather.”

Trader Joe's summer beer is called Summer Brew by Josephs Brau Brewing Co.

Our Review:

Trader Joe’s Summer Brew is a transparent gold with thin head releasing an aroma of bread, honey and a touch of citrus. The draw begins with a sharp tartness and a high carbonation level which hangs all the way through. The beer then becomes grassy with some hops and grain toward the middle. There is a bitter finish that is not the most appealing.

This affordable summer beer that is sold only through Trader Joe’s is somewhat refreshing and is vastly better than mass produced beers that can be purchased for about the same price.