Imperial Mango IPA summer limited release beer is delicious.

Imperial Mango IPA

Summer Limited Release Beer
Imperial IPA, Fruit Beer
7.8% ABV
Empyrean Brewing Co.
Lincoln, Nebraska

Brewers Description of Limited Release Beer:

“Ripe with aromas of mango and tropical fruits followed by layered flavors of bright hop bitterness, warm alcohol and sweet mango that becomes stronger as it warms in your glass.

By doubling up on the amount of hops used, the Imperial version of India Pale Ale was born. The Imperial I.P.A. style is an expression of American craft brewing ingenuity that allows brewers to push the envelope of what beer can be. Infusing sweet mango compliments the amped-up bitter hop flavor, creating a complex yet refreshing beer.”

Summer beer Imperial Mango IPA is a limited release beer.

Our Review:

The intense apricot color of Imperial Mango IPA limited release beer foretells of a magnificent future. A meek, yet durable, tight-knit head and scents of mango, hops, and cracker solidify that prophecy. Heed guidance on the bottle and consume at or above 40 degrees. If too cold, the beer is sharp with an elevated alcohol sensation. Properly ingested, discover an approachable slightly citrusy front. This imperial IPA quickly exposes an audacious bipolar personality. The medium body has a creamy disposition with a tart opposition. Strong mango and earthy spices are heaved into the mix to create a very satisfying, bold, roller coaster ride of a beer.

Selections from Empyrean’s Carpe Brewem are each a limited release beer, so get your ticket now to embark on this expedition.