Hopped Up 'N Horny is a great summer India Pale Ale.

Hopped Up & Horny

Year Round Beer
Summer India Pale Ale
5.5% ABV
Horny Goat Brewing Co.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Brewers Description of this Summer India Pale Ale:

“We crafted this unique and refreshing IPA using four different varieties of hops to impart citrus zest, pine notes, and a refreshing floral aroma. We then dry hop the beer after the boil to complement the subtle malt backbone creating a complex and balanced beer that isn’t overly bitter like most IPAs on the market today.”

Hopped Up summer beer is great for the lake.

Our Review:

Inhale coastal air freshness with hops and lemon rising from a frothy blanket covering a toasted golden pool. Robust hops sting the lips to commence tasting. Intense tartness increases from front to back with slight cracker and a drop of lemon at the conclusion.

Hopped Up is a light bodied crisp summer India Pale Ale. There is no false advertising here. This hoppy beer is perfect for the summer heat.