Rivertown Unit 6 summer hefeweizen ale.

Unit 6 (retired)

Seasonal Summer Beer
Summer Hefeweizen Ale
5.5% ABV
Rivertown Brewing Co.
Lockland, Ohio

Brewers Description of this Summer Hefeweizen:

A mysterious, hard to define twist on an old classic. An unfiltered wheat ale brewed with Canadian pale malt, winter white wheat, and fresh Pacific northwest hops. Clover honey on the nose, and light pine hop flavor on the tongue, a very refreshing brew! Best served in a shaker pint glass at 48F.

Hefeweizen summer seasonal beer from Rivertown Brewing.

Our Review:

Unit 6 Summer Hefeweizen from Rivertown has an attractive straw orange luster with a transient head. Wheat dominates the aroma which is not super potent. Tasting reveals a semi-sweet light-bodied beer with hints of banana and lemongrass above a wheat base. A final sour fruit tartness punctuates the experience, which is quite inviting for another sip.

Unit 6 is definitely a trailblazing summer hefeweizen. It is smooth and exhilarating on a blazing hot summer day.