Greenmarket Wheat is a great New York summer community beer.

Greenmarket Wheat

Year Round Beer
American Pale Wheat Ale
5.0% ABV
Brooklyn Brewery
Brooklyn, New York

Brewers Description of this Community Beer:

“Brooklyn Greenmarket Wheat is a celebration of New York State agriculture, uniting local ingredients to create a beer with a mission.

We work with GrowNYC’s Greenmarket to source grain for the brew – they connected us to Lakeview Organic Farms to provide 70% of the grain used in our mash. The hops are grown on a family farm outside of Syracuse owned by our own Technical Director Mary Wiles, who grew up there.

Our brewers take raw wheat, grown at Oeschner Farms, malted barley, Mary’s hops, and Bavarian yeast and unite them into an unfiltered beer with light fruit flavors and a zesty palate. It’s great with foods from fresh salads to grilled meats. Proceeds from the beer sales support GrowNYC’s mission to revive New York’s grain industry and provide support to family farms, farmers markets, community gardens and other agricultural projects. It’s a New York beer, from New York farms, and now it’s all yours.”

Celebrate summer with Greenmarket Wheat - a community beer.

Our Review:

Lift the cap of a Greenmarket Wheat to discover an alluring tangerine pigment beneath a meager head. Fresh scents of key lime, clove, and wheat emerge from agitation. Each drink is honey sweet with lively wheat and apricot notes intertwined. A slightly sour finish perfectly rounds out this light refreshing summer beer.

Greenmarket Wheat is a delightful midsummer ale with admirable ambition. Escape the humid evening in the city with this skillfully crafted community beer.