Newburyport Green Head West Coast IPA.

Green Head IPA

Year Round Beer
India Pale Ale (West Coast IPA)
7.2% ABV
Newburyport Brewing Co.
Newburyport, Massachusetts

Brewers Description of this West Coast IPA:

“An assertive and hoppy west coast-style India Pale Ale. Bright hop aromas and flavors fade to a brief, smooth malt undertone and a clean, crisp, slightly bitter finish. This beer is brewed to bite you back!”

Green Head west coast IPA summer beer.

Our Review:

A faint tangerine orange liquid gives rise to a fragrant summer breeze filled with crisp hops and fresh mowed grass. The brawny physique is slightly abrasive but has a magnetic charisma. A tantalizing hoppish bite is staged by a malty base. This robust adventure concludes with a peacefully dry finish.

An evening sipping Green Head IPA will certainly amend the most dismal of days.