Schell's Goosetown summer gose beer for the season.


Seasonal Summer Beer
Summer Gose Beer
5.2% ABV
Schell’s Brewing Company
New Ulm, Minnesota

Schell’s Description of this Summer Gose Beer:

“We are excited to announce our new seasonal beer – Schell’s Goosetown available from April through September! Schell’s Goosetown is named after a neighborhood located across the tracks and down by the Minnesota River in New Ulm, where mostly Catholic German-Bohemian immigrants began settling in the late 1800s. These immigrants kept and raised gaggles of geese, which wandered freely throughout the neighborhood and fed along the banks of the river.

Schell’s Goosetown is our interpretation of a traditional, German-style Gose. The beer pours clear, golden orange in color, with a thick white foam head. It has a bright lemon zest and coriander aroma with a slight saltiness reminiscent of a cool ocean breeze. A refreshingly light and citrusy tartness greets your palate, backed by a bready, wheat malt character and a touch of coriander spice. Lighter bodied, yet full flavored with a lively carbonation that gives the beer a crisp, dry finish. A uniquely refreshing session beer, perfectly suited for a warm summer day from the August Schell Brewing Company.

Find Goosetown seasonal summer gose beer.

Our Review:

Goosetown emits a burnt orange color and delicate citrus aroma with cane sugar character. The bubbly head retreats quickly with an audible fizz. Drinking this summer gose beer exposes a delicate carbonation paired with a mild tartness. A malty center rounds into a lightly salt infused bready finish.

A round of golf with a Goosetown in hand would be the perfect way to spend a summer afternoon. This is a very enjoyable seasonal summer gose beer.