Goose Island Summertime beer is a clean drinking kolsch.


Seasonal Summer Beer
4.7% ABV
Goose Island
Chicago, Illinois

Brewers Description of this Summertime Beer:

“The color of sunshine, with a light fruity aroma and a hint of fruity acidity, Goose Island Summertime is the perfect summer session ale. A Kölsch beer brewed in the traditional German fashion, you’ll find yourself enjoying and savoring each sip of summertime as much as you do those hot summer days and cool summer nights.”

Drink a favorite craft Goose Island Summertime beer this season.

Our Review:

Summertime is clean from start to finish. The pour is a very clear golden color. It has a neutral aroma with floral hints. This craft beer is tart and crisp on the pallet making it easy to drink. The hops are strong. Summertime, however, is a little flat front to back and has little discovery or adventure.

While simple, this summer beer is extremely refreshing. Keep in your fridge for any summer day in the sun.