I absolutely adore my wife. When the Lord put her in my life, everything changed for the better. However, from Day 1 my wedding ring has felt clunky. When I am swimming, woodworking, washing dishes, working out, or landscaping it feels in the way. For over 15 years I haven’t worn a wedding ring, until I discovered a tough flexible wedding ring from QALO.

This flexible wedding ring is for active summer adventures.

Purchasing an older home was a choice. Even though there are headaches that go with that decision, I enjoy the process of renovating and making improvements. Yesterday I was on the roof patching a leak. Later this week I need to paint trim around a window, dig out some unwanted plants, and replace a part in the dishwasher. My QALO silicone wedding ring will be with me through the process. It’s comfortable, tough, and easy to clean.

Relax with a flexible wedding ring and Red Hare 50/50 grapefruit radler.

My wife is pleased that I now wear a wedding band. I’m happy that I can now get my hands dirty without damaging or losing my original ring. The QALO durable flexible wedding ring has been the perfect solution to a long time dilemma.

Water ski with a QALO flexible wedding ring.

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