Fireman's Blonde summer brew is a perfect beer to quench a fire.


Year Round Beer
5.0% ABV
Fireman’s Brew
Woodland Hills, California

Brewers Description of this Blonde Summer Brew:

“Firemans Brew original golden lager is handcrafted with American barley and mix of American and imported hops to create a truly fine Pilsner style lager. Smooth, light malt flavors combined with just enough hops for balance, deliver a crisp and refreshing beer with a clean finish and no bitter aftertaste. The lightest of our beers, Fireman’s Brew Blonde is the perfect choice to Ignite the Party.”

Put out the heat with Fireman's Blonde summer brew.

Our Review:

Fireman’s Blonde is copper in color with a head that is gone in a flash. The tenacious aroma is laced with malt and peach. Tasting commences with a sharp semi-sweet carbonated pull. A gratifying mild malt emerges toward the middle accompanied by hints of apricot. The back is smooth and somewhat creamy.

Fireman’s Brew Blonde is a very refreshing and drinkable beer for summer even though the beer is available year round.