Deputy Barbados beer from the Caribbean islands.


Year Round Caribbean Beer
4.6% ABV
Banks Breweries
Bridgetown, Barbados

Brewers Description of Barbados Beer:

Deputy beer is a Banks Breweries produced Pilsner Lager. A pale golden lager with a delightful tropical fruit aroma, it is characterised by an invigorating light body with a slight malty sweet taste. This beer is a blend of pure resin hop extract combined with the spicy citrus aroma of Styrian Golding pellets.”

Deputy Barbados beer is great for sailing in the Caribbean.

Our Review:

Drink Deputy Caribbean beer on the island of Barbados. Allow this beer to enhance the experience, but don’t expect it to be the experience. Enjoy this Barbados beer as a refresher in the hot Caribbean sun or a long leisurely sail. It’s a pilsner that is similar to it’s adjunct lager counterparts.