Boatilla amber ale is a great summer lake beer.


Year Round Beer
Amber Ale
4.8% ABV
Big Bay Brewing Company
Shorewood, Wisconsin

Brewers Description of this Summer Lake Beer:

“A raft-up variation. A group of boats anchored together sharing a few stories and a few beers with friends.

Our Boatilla Amber Ale is brewed using a blend of Pale 2 Row and Cara Munich malts that give it a beautiful, deep reddish hue. It’s well balanced, but has a bolder maltiness than our Kölsch. Boatilla is the perfect beer for those summer evenings spent floating on the water with friends and family.”

Enjoy Boatilla summer lake beer on the water.

Our Review:

The identity created by Big Bay Brewing is very cool. The names and labels of all of their beers and sodas are fun and inviting. The pour revealed a clear yet dark copper color emitting a fragrance of rich tobacco or oak. The head reduced to nothing in about 20 seconds. Initially tasting in the bottle gave this lake beer a sharp bitterness. The glass tasting resulted in a much smoother approach with a malty hoppy bitterness that crescendos into a semi-sweet finish.

As the label suggests, find some friends with boats, cove-out, and give this beer a whirl.