Blue Moon Belgian White is a perfect summer evening beer.
Summer Beer: Blue Moon Belgian White
Brewer: Coors Brewing Co.
Location: Golden, Colorado
Social: None
Available: Year Round
Beer Style: Witbier
Alcohol by Volume: 5.4%
SBR Rating:

Brewers Description:

“Our Belgian Style Wheat Ale is brewed with a touch of coriander and a blend of Valencia and Navel orange peel. This makes an orange garnish the perfect complement to our beer – bringing out the flavors by heightening the citrus aroma and taste. We consider it our exclamation point.”

Drink Blue Moon beer this summer with an orange garnish.

Our Thoughts On This Summer Beer:

Blue Moon Belgian White is a widely popular and available beer. It is consumed year round, especially during the summer months even though Blue Moon offers a summer seasonal beer. Blue Moon Belgian White is unfiltered which results in an attractive cloudy orange appearance with a spicy orange aroma. Rich harvest spices (with coriander prevailing) escorts a semi-sweet uplifting orange flavor. The finish has bread or oat quality.

We strongly recommended drinking Blue Moon from a beer glass. The fragrance is essential to the overall experience of the beer. Blue Moon Brewing advises garnishing the beer with an orange slice. The orange promotes the refreshing citrus flavors while muting, but not eliminating, the earthy tones.

Keep Blue Moon Belgian White on hand for a crowd pleasing happy hour beer.