Full Sail Blood Orange summer beer wheat ale.

Blood Orange Wheat Ale

Seasonal Summer Beer
Pale Wheat Ale
5.2% ABV
Full Sail Brewing Co.
Hood River, Oregon

Brewers Description of Full Sail Blood Orange Summer Beer:

“New to our Pub Series, Blood Orange is brewed with 2-Row Northwest Pale, malted and unmalted wheat, with a hint of citrus flavor. Blood orange, with its berry/orange notes, provides a delicate twist to this refreshing brew. A medium malt body with subtle orange and a crisp wheat finish. Blood Orange Wheat Ale is available from April to August in six packs on draft and in our Full Sail Trophy Case variety 12 pack”

Spin the wheel of Blood Orange summer beer from Full Sail Brewing.

Our Review:

The hazy orange pour and frothy head of this orange summer beer foreshadows the incredible experience to follow. To begin, a hearty orange peel aroma permeates the nostrils which is pursued by a sweet draw that embraces the senses. Abundant carbonation extracts natural blood orange notes that hovers atop a strong wheat base. A rather dry finish prompts the process to start all over again.

This exceptional orange summer beer is a strong seasonal selection. Enjoy any time of day.