Horny Blonde summer beer is a refreshing lager.

Horny Blonde

Year Round Beer
Blonde Summer Lager
5% ABV
Horny Goat Brewing Co.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Brewers Description of this Summer Lager:

“This beer is brewed to be clean and crisp with the hops slightly edging out the malt on the taste.  A generous addition of German hops will leave the finish quite dry which is accentuated by the softness on the palate given by the white wheat.  Horny Blonde took Silver in the Premium Lager category at the 2012 Great International Beer Festival.”

Horny Goat Blonde summer lager is great for summer paddle boarding.

Our Review:

Bask in the mesmerizing alpenglow of Horny Blonde’s daffodil hue while a pragmatic head disseminates notes of banana, vanilla, wheat, and cracker. Savor the light-bodied moderately carbonated semi-tart introduction. Adapt quickly as bready malts create a creamy cereal quality along with crisp hops and a touch of honey. A dry finish rounds of the experience.

Horny Blonde is a great refreshing lake beer with a mass appeal. This summer lager should be a permanent resident in your cooler.