Bikini Beer Blonde Lager from Maui Brewing is refreshing in the summer.

Bikini Blonde Lager

Year Round Beer
Beer Style
5.2% ABV
Maui Brewing Co.
Maui, Hawaii

Brewers Description of this Bikini Beer:

“Our filtered Munich Helles Lager brewed with floral hops and Pilsner and Munich malts. This is the closest thing to an American lager from Maui Brewing Co. but not skimpy of flavor. Bold, smooth and refreshing!

Check out a Bikini Beer Blonde Lager beer this summer.

Our Review:

Bikini Blonde has all of the allure of the perfect summer beer. This Hawaiian brewed bikini beer possessesĀ an opaque orange-gold appearance with a feeble head. A light clean aroma has a malty base with some grass, bread, and lemon characteristics. Abundant carbonation gives a sharpness start to finish. It has a mild sweetness toward the front and a touch of hoppy tartness towards the finish. Some faint lemon citrus notes make an appearance.

Take this attractive can to the pool for a relaxing day soaking up the rays. Bikini beer Blonde Lager is a great summer selection.